ARThaus4 was formed in october 2011 by heidi zednik

sylvia vorwagnerdonna e. price and anette friedel.



may 2012 we opened our traungasse 12 group studio in gmunden, austria. though originally conceived as a working studio, it became a gallery.

in 2014 we relocated to marktplatz 14, just a few doors up from our original location in the traungasse. we are returning to our original concept of being a working studio primarily for DASH4, the collaborative artistic name for Donna + Anette + Heidi. We will continue to have occasional exhibits and workshops. all 4 artists will continue to work in their private studios, but all 4 will regularly work on site.

in october 2014 sylvia vorwagner decided to concentrate on her solo work. her studio is in altmünster, she can be reached at 0664 46 38 649.

donna, anette and heidi continue to work in their group studio, as well as their individual studios.

we welcome visitors to come by and not only look at art but also experience art being made.


Heidi Zednik, Donna E. Price und Anette Friedel